Use Trip Reports to Plan Your Next Space-a Adventure!

If you use the information in the trip reports, it's sort of like gold mining. There is lots of good information in the trip reports and posts, you just have to search for it. Use the previous experience from other space-a travellers to help you plan your next trip!


Space-a Travel can take you to many exotic travel destinations that you never dreamed of at a huge savings. Knowing more about about where to go and what to do when you get there is a huge help.



A Few Trip Report Excerpts

  • Walsassar wrote:

    After getting some very good advice, we made it from our home in Clarksville (by Ft. Campbell) to Hickham, then Yokota, then Singapore, then commercial to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and on a Malaysian Air 777 to Frankfurt ( four days before the missing flight), shuttle to Ramstein then the rotator to BWI...

  • Lienelttie wrote:

    So.. .I got this call from a friend on Thursday April 10th telling me he noted two C-17’s were scheduled out of Charleston to Rota on Saturday and both looked like they had seats available. I called my wife and asked her if we could be travel ready in two days. When she stopped laughing, she said maybe. Finally she said yes and we were off. We drove up from Tampa, got on a nearly empty C17 and 8 hours later were walking to the Gateway Inn with our stuff at 2 AM in the morning...

  • Resyak wrote:

    My wife and I just returned from our first Space-a experience, having flown from Charleston (17March) to Kelly/Lackland, on to MacDill (20March) and finally back to Charleston (23March). We enjoyed staying at both the Villa at Lackland and the Kelly Inn at Kelly (We actually preferred the old-time setting at Kelly, though the Villa was much more convenient for PX and Commissary access)...

Make your next trip easier with

Using to sign up can help manage your travel better. The Takeahop mobile app (available on the android and apple market) gives you even more information on the bases you are traveling to and through.